Ariana Governorate
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6 Postal Codes in Ariana Governorate

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area482 km²
Population Density1,195 / km²
Postal Codes2022, 2058, 2080 (3 more)
Area Code71
Businesses in Ariana Governorate2,834

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
2080 - 2083Aryanah5

6 Postal Codes in Ariana Governorate

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
2022Galaat el AndelessAriana Governorate15,313
2058AryanahAriana Governorate97,687
2080AryanahAriana Governorate97,687
2081AryanahAriana Governorate97,687
2083AryanahAriana Governorate97,687
2088AryanahAriana Governorate97,687

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Ariana Governorate

Ariana Governorate (Arabic: ولاية أريانة‎ Wilāyat Aryānah pronounced [ærˈjæːnæ]) is one of the twenty-four governorates (provinces) of Tunisia. It is situated in northern Tunisia. It covers an area of 482 km² and has a population of 576,088 (2014 cen..  ︎  Ariana Governorate Wikipedia Page