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Postal Code 06430 - Ankara, Ankara Province

Primary CityAnkara
NeighborhoodsCumhuriyet Mahallesi, Eti Mahallesi, Korkutreis Mahallesi, Kızılay, Kızılay Mahallesi, Sağlık Mahallesi, Çankaya, Çankaya Mahallesi
Local TimeFriday 1:21 PM
Coordinates39.92385881426527° / 32.85136113617994°
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Map of Postal Code 06430

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Business Distribution by neighborhood in 06430
 Korkutreis Mahallesi: 29.9%
 Kızılay Mahallesi: 15.1%
 Cumhuriyet Mahallesi: 12.6%
 Sağlık Mahallesi: 11%
 Çankaya: 7.5%
 Kızılay: 5.3%
 Other: 18.8%

Business Concentration in Postal Code 06430

06430 Business Heat Map


Business Distribution by Industry
 Professional Services: 30.3%
 Shopping: 24.8%
 Restaurants: 7.8%
 Local Services: 6.2%
 Other: 30.9%

Business distribution by price for Postal Code 06430

 Moderate: 51.7%
 Inexpensive: 28.8%
 Expensive: 14.4%
 Very Expensive: 5.1%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/12/199:23 AM4.264.8 km10,000 m17km SW of Orta,
8/2/1612:30 PM460.2 km10,000 m16km S of Sabanozu,
6/29/151:55 PM3.324.2 km2,000 m8km W of Elmadag,
5/11/154:40 PM434.5 km6,800 m8km N of Elmadag,
10/19/107:32 AM465 km5,000 mcentral
4/30/109:36 AM3.910.5 km4,000 mcentral
10/9/0811:36 PM4.254.5 km7,300 mcentral
9/23/082:09 AM4.553.9 km4,400 mcentral
9/11/081:33 AM4.160.6 km5,000 mcentral
7/30/0810:02 PM4.247.7 km3,200 mcentral

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Primary City

Ankara (English /ˈæŋkərə/; Turkish [ˈaŋ.ka.ɾa]), formerly known as Ancyra and Angora, is the capital of Turkey, located in Central Anatolia. With a population of 4,587,558 in the urban center (2014) and 5,150,072 in its province (2015), it is Turkey'..  ︎  Ankara Wikipedia Page


Percentage of businesses by city in 06430
 Çankaya, Ankara: 87.9%
 Ankara: 11%
 Other: 1.1%