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Postal Code 07121 - Antalya Province

Area Codes242
Local TimeSunday 4:43 AM
Coordinates37.2119° / 30.4744°
Related Postal Codes071000711007112071190712007130

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/27/185:26 PM4.117.2 km110,890 m23km NW of Antalya,
9/10/184:02 PM5.112.5 km108,140 m25km S of Bucak,
9/29/179:08 AM4.530.9 km90,440 m8km NNW of Antalya,
7/9/1612:15 AM4.236.6 km96,210 m13km W of Antalya,
8/30/1511:02 PM4.125.3 km128,600 m19km SE of Bucak,
8/24/159:09 AM4.235 km96,620 m7km NNE of Antalya,
3/16/114:18 AM4.410.2 km7,700 mwestern
10/29/106:46 AM419.7 km88,200 mwestern
7/25/1010:06 AM428 km10,000 mwestern
10/19/083:20 PM4.120.8 km100,600 mwestern

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