Bolu Province
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25 Postal Codes in Bolu Province

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TimezoneTurkey Time
Area8,395.4 km²
Population284,114 (More Details)
Male Population140,391 (49.4%)
Female Population143,723 (50.6%)
Median Age34.1
Postal Codes14782, 14030, 14802 (22 more)
Area Code374

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
14000 - 14300Bolu6
14800 - 14810Mudurnu3
14840 - 14860Mengen, Bolu4

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25 Postal Codes in Bolu Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
14782GöynükBolu Province17,3581,372.8 km²
14030BoluBolu Province66,6561,296.3 km²
14802MudurnuBolu Province11,8511,142 km²
14902GeredeBolu Province11,253965.5 km²
14752Sebenardı, BoluBolu Province2,824599.3 km²
14612KıbrıscıkBolu Province932574.4 km²
14842Mengen, BoluBolu Province4,846503.4 km²
14900GeredeBolu Province10,957452.4 km²
14912DörtdivanBolu Province7,722413.5 km²
14850Mengen, BoluBolu Province3,370349.5 km²
14300BoluBolu Province51,121286.9 km²
14800MudurnuBolu Province8,093278.6 km²
14200BoluBolu Province46,479145.7 km²
14652YeniçağaBolu Province8,73688.1 km²
14910DörtdivanBolu Province3,72121.5 km²
14610KıbrıscıkBolu Province2,00018 km²
14780GöynükBolu Province1,73210.9 km²
14840Mengen, BoluBolu Province6,1259.9 km²
14100BoluBolu Province16,2909 km²
14750SebenBolu Province2,3897.9 km²
14020BoluBolu Province291.441 km²
14810MudurnuBolu Province
14860Pazarköy, BoluBolu Province
14650YeniçağaBolu Province
14000BoluBolu Province

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Bolu Province Demographic Information

Population Density33.8 / km²
Male Population140,391 (49.4%)
Female Population143,723 (50.6%)
Median Age34.1
Male Median Age33.2
Female Median Age34.9
Businesses in Bolu Province13,359
Population (1975)122,337
Population (2000)241,654
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +132.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +17.6%

Bolu Province

Bolu Province (Turkish: Bolu ili) is a province in northwestern Turkey. It's an important midpoint between the capital, Ankara and the largest city in the country, Istanbul. It covers an area of 7,410 km², and the population is 271,208. is an attrac..  ︎  Bolu Province Wikipedia Page