Malatya Province
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49 Postal Codes in Malatya Province

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TimezoneTurkey Time
Area12,299.6 km²
Population722,042 (More Details)
Male Population359,835 (49.8%)
Female Population362,206 (50.2%)
Median Age28.6
Postal Codes44000, 44040, 44050 (46 more)
Area Code422

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
44040 - 44090Malatya9
44120 - 44210Battalgazi4
44400 - 44430Hekimhan4
44500 - 44540Doğanşehir5
44700 - 44750Darende7
44900 - 44920Yeşilyurt, Malatya5

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49 Postal Codes in Malatya Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
44000Malatya Province935.9 km²
44040MalatyaMalatya Province
44050MalatyaMalatya Province35,49913.8 km²
44060MalatyaMalatya Province17,8221.588 km²
44070MalatyaMalatya Province28,8916.8 km²
44080MalatyaMalatya Province13,7732.458 km²
44090MalatyaMalatya Province71,79916 km²
44100Malatya Province15,64583.3 km²
44110YakıncaMalatya Province16,8023.359 km²
44120BattalgaziMalatya Province11,0928.2 km²
44170BattalgaziMalatya Province5,55711.2 km²
44180Dilek, MalatyaMalatya Province3,50119.8 km²
44200BattalgaziMalatya Province22,07712.7 km²
44210BattalgaziMalatya Province69,135787.1 km²
44230Malatya Province
44280MalatyaMalatya Province
44300Yeşilyurt, MalatyaMalatya Province12,0980.887 km²
44310Malatya Province2,26011 km²
44320Malatya Province31,30837 km²
44330MalatyaMalatya Province
44350YazıhanMalatya Province12,777628.2 km²
44370Malatya Province6,181248.3 km²
44400HekimhanMalatya Province16,3611,507.8 km²
44410HekimhanMalatya Province
44420HekimhanMalatya Province
44430HekimhanMalatya Province
44500DoğanşehirMalatya Province23,6301,055.1 km²
44510DoğanşehirMalatya Province2,83416.4 km²
44520DoğanşehirMalatya Province
44530DoğanşehirMalatya Province
44540DoğanşehirMalatya Province
44600AkçadağMalatya Province23,8761,104.5 km²
44700DarendeMalatya Province17,5111,050.8 km²
44705DarendeMalatya Province3221.1 km²
44710DarendeMalatya Province
44720DarendeMalatya Province
44730DarendeMalatya Province
44740DarendeMalatya Province
44750DarendeMalatya Province
44760KuluncakMalatya Province6,432696.8 km²
44800ArapgirMalatya Province9,473931 km²
44850PütürgeMalatya Province19,5661,102.1 km²
44880DoğanyolMalatya Province2,452170.3 km²
44900Yeşilyurt, MalatyaMalatya Province166,692815.4 km²
44910Yeşilyurt, MalatyaMalatya Province2,92218.9 km²
44915Yeşilyurt, MalatyaMalatya Province4,7104.201 km²
44920YakıncaMalatya Province26,27418.3 km²
44960ArguvanMalatya Province6,6061,081.3 km²
99440Malatya Province

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Malatya Province Demographic Information

Population Density58.7 / km²
Male Population359,835 (49.8%)
Female Population362,206 (50.2%)
Median Age28.6
Male Median Age28.1
Female Median Age29.1
Businesses in Malatya Province18,556
Population (1975)599,170
Population (2000)746,237
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +20.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -3.2%

Malatya Province

Malatya Province (Turkish: Malatya ili) is a province of Turkey. It is part of a larger mountainous area. The capital of the province is Malatya (in Hittite: Milid or Maldi, meaning "city of honey"). Malatya is famous for its apricots. The area of Ma..  ︎  Malatya Province Wikipedia Page