Niğde Province
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42 Postal Codes in Niğde Province

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TimezoneTurkey Time
Area7,125.2 km²
Population317,584 (More Details)
Male Population157,300 (49.5%)
Female Population160,284 (50.5%)
Median Age28.3
Postal Codes51000, 51010, 51030 (39 more)
Area Code388

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
51000 - 51320Niğde11
51660 - 51670Çamardı3
51800 - 51816Çiftlik, Niğde5

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42 Postal Codes in Niğde Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
51000NiğdeNiğde Province120,7281,797 km²
51010Alay, NiğdeNiğde Province
51030NiğdeNiğde Province
51040Edikli, NiğdeNiğde Province
51050NiğdeNiğde Province
51070NiğdeNiğde Province
51080NiğdeNiğde Province
51085Niğde Province
51100NiğdeNiğde Province50,585331.6 km²
51110NiğdeNiğde Province
51120NiğdeNiğde Province
51200NiğdeNiğde Province30,531161 km²
51280Orhanlı, NiğdeNiğde Province
51290Niğde Province
51310NiğdeNiğde Province
51320NiğdeNiğde Province
51600AltunhisarNiğde Province1,32052 km²
51602AltunhisarNiğde Province4,103305.4 km²
51603KarakapıNiğde Province1,00551.7 km²
51604Niğde Province5,60183.2 km²
51610UlukışlaNiğde Province
51620AltunhisarNiğde Province
51630Niğde Province
51660ÇamardıNiğde Province3,814176 km²
51662ÇamardıNiğde Province4,5541,011.2 km²
51670BademdereNiğde Province
51700Bor, NiğdeNiğde Province28,491124.5 km²
51702Bor, NiğdeNiğde Province17,0331,142.5 km²
51710Bahçeli, NiğdeNiğde Province
51720Çukurkuyu, NiğdeNiğde Province
51730KemerhisarNiğde Province
51740Kızılca, NiğdeNiğde Province
51800Çiftlik, NiğdeNiğde Province14,786120.6 km²
51802Çiftlik, NiğdeNiğde Province11,617293.3 km²
51810Çiftlik, NiğdeNiğde Province
51815Çiftlik, NiğdeNiğde Province
51816Çiftlik, NiğdeNiğde Province
51820KitreliNiğde Province
51900UlukışlaNiğde Province6,136255.5 km²
51902UlukışlaNiğde Province13,7871,160.7 km²
51910ÇiftehanNiğde Province
51920DarboğazNiğde Province

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Niğde Province Demographic Information

Population Density44.6 / km²
Male Population157,300 (49.5%)
Female Population160,284 (50.5%)
Median Age28.3
Male Median Age27.8
Female Median Age28.7
Businesses in Niğde Province8,008
Population (1975)141,429
Population (2000)284,189
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +124.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +11.8%

Niğde Province

Niğde Province (Turkish: Niğde ili) is a province in the southern part of Central Anatolia, Turkey. Population is 341,412 (2013 est) of which 141,360 live in the city of Niğde. The population was 348,081 in 2000 and 305,861 in 1990. It covers an area..  ︎  Niğde Province Wikipedia Page