Rize Province
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46 Postal Codes in Rize Province

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TimezoneTurkey Time
Area3,889.7 km²
Population263,653 (More Details)
Male Population129,695 (49.2%)
Female Population133,958 (50.8%)
Median Age32.7
Postal Codes53000, 53020, 53100 (43 more)
Area Code464

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
53000 - 53100, 53800 - 53950Rize6
53200 - 53280Çayeli6
53300 - 53347Pazar4
53400 - 53490Ardeşen4
53500 - 53540Kalkandere4
53600 - 53620İyidere3
53650 - 53690İkizdere4

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46 Postal Codes in Rize Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
53000RizeRize Province
53020RizeRize Province102,50458.2 km²
53100RizeRize Province
53200ÇayeliRize Province18,43329.3 km²
53210ÇayeliRize Province7,52344.7 km²
53220ÇayeliRize Province3,07213.4 km²
53260ÇayeliRize Province6,678401.6 km²
53270ÇayeliRize Province
53280ÇayeliRize Province
53300PazarRize Province16,07915.6 km²
53330PazarRize Province
53340PazarRize Province12,439171.3 km²
53347PazarRize Province
53350GüneysuRize Province10,3337.4 km²
53390GüneysuRize Province1,839126.8 km²
53400ArdeşenRize Province20,971189 km²
53410ArdeşenRize Province
53480ArdeşenRize Province10,097397.3 km²
53490ArdeşenRize Province
53500KalkandereRize Province4,25719.5 km²
53520KalkandereRize Province
53537KalkandereRize Province
53540KalkandereRize Province5,91662.6 km²
53550HemşinRize Province18522.7 km²
53560NurlucaRize Province944114.3 km²
53600İyidereRize Province3,30411.6 km²
53610İyidereRize Province5,90017.3 km²
53620İyidereRize Province
53650İkizdereRize Province5,43061.6 km²
53670İkizdereRize Province
53687İkizdereRize Province
53690İkizdereRize Province5,262904.8 km²
53700Rize Province10,95730.6 km²
53740Rize Province4,744341.2 km²
53750Rize Province3,72645.6 km²
53780Rize Province3,796639.2 km²
53790AyderRize Province
53800RizeRize Province16,83630.4 km²
53840Rize Province
53870RizeRize Province12,14365.2 km²
53900DerepazarıRize Province3,8858.7 km²
53940DerepazarıRize Province1,10819.6 km²
53950RizeRize Province
53960Rize Province
53980Rize Province
99880Rize Province

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Rize Province Demographic Information

Population Density67.8 / km²
Male Population129,695 (49.2%)
Female Population133,958 (50.8%)
Median Age32.7
Male Median Age32
Female Median Age33.4
Businesses in Rize Province12,356
Population (1975)197,786
Population (2000)268,370
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +33.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -1.8%

Rize Province

Rize Province (Turkish: Rize ili) is a province of north-east Turkey, on the eastern Black Sea coast between Trabzon and Artvin. The province of Erzurum is to the south. Its capital is the city of Rize. The province is home to Laz and Hemshin communi..  ︎  Rize Province Wikipedia Page