Sakarya Province
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35 Postal Codes in Sakarya Province

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TimezoneTurkey Time
Area4,826.6 km²
Population949,216 (More Details)
Male Population475,344 (50.1%)
Female Population473,871 (49.9%)
Median Age30.9
Postal Codes05458, 41110, 54000 (32 more)
Area Code264

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
54000 - 54055Adapazarı6
54110 - 54150Ferizli3
54400 - 54420Akyazı3

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35 Postal Codes in Sakarya Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
05458AdapazarıSakarya Province
41110SapancaSakarya Province
54000AdapazarıSakarya Province
54030AdapazarıSakarya Province
54040AdapazarıSakarya Province
54050Sakarya Province30,041105.3 km²
54055AdapazarıSakarya Province
54060ArifiyeSakarya Province
54100Sakarya Province242,905305.9 km²
54110FerizliSakarya Province23,729153.8 km²
54130Sakarya Province5,3179.6 km²
54150FerizliSakarya Province
54160SöğütlüSakarya Province36,620146.8 km²
54200Sakarya Province97,435144.7 km²
54210FerizliSakarya Province2,55417.9 km²
54290AdapazarıSakarya Province58,09418.8 km²
54300HendekSakarya Province109,268634.7 km²
54301HendekSakarya Province
54400AkyazıSakarya Province75,031571.7 km²
54405AkyazıSakarya Province
54420AkyazıSakarya Province
54430KarapürçekSakarya Province3,820124 km²
54500KarasuSakarya Province53,068416.9 km²
54540KarasuSakarya Province
54580ArifiyeSakarya Province60,74666 km²
54590ArifiyeSakarya Province
54600SapancaSakarya Province24,791199.9 km²
54650Kaynarca, SakaryaSakarya Province17,454234.9 km²
54680Kaynarca, SakaryaSakarya Province3,47798.7 km²
54700GeyveSakarya Province40,754698.1 km²
54701GeyveSakarya Province
54750TaraklıSakarya Province5,747268.2 km²
54800KocaaliSakarya Province21,077249.4 km²
54900Sakarya Province32,528298.6 km²
54950GeyveSakarya Province24.645 km²

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Sakarya Province Demographic Information

Population Density196.7 / km²
Male Population475,344 (50.1%)
Female Population473,871 (49.9%)
Median Age30.9
Male Median Age30.6
Female Median Age31.3
Businesses in Sakarya Province29,972
Population (1975)242,375
Population (2000)696,913
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +291.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +36.2%

Sakarya Province

Sakarya (Turkish: Sakarya ili) is a province in Turkey, located on the coast of Black Sea. The Sakarya River creates a webbing of estuaries in the province. is located in the Marmara Region. Its adjacent provinces are Kocaeli to the west, Bilecik to..  ︎  Sakarya Province Wikipedia Page