Uşak Province
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33 Postal Codes in Uşak Province

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TimezoneTurkey Time
Area5,572.3 km²
Population359,864 (More Details)
Male Population178,913 (49.7%)
Female Population180,951 (50.3%)
Median Age33.3
Postal Codes64000, 64100, 64200 (30 more)
Area Code276

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
64000 - 64400, 64910 - 64930Uşak8
64500 - 64520Banaz3
64800 - 64840Sivaslı5

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33 Postal Codes in Uşak Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
64000UşakUşak Province99,7521,382.2 km²
64100UşakUşak Province23,91024.5 km²
64200UşakUşak Province58,30441.9 km²
64300UşakUşak Province
64400UşakUşak Province
64420BölmeUşak Province
64440İlyaslıUşak Province
64460Güre, UşakUşak Province
64500BanazUşak Province16,21779.9 km²
64502BanazUşak Province18,4751,011.6 km²
64510BüyükoturakUşak Province
64520BanazUşak Province
64600EşmeUşak Province6,750202.7 km²
64602EşmeUşak Province26,713957 km²
64610YeleğenUşak Province
64620GüllüUşak Province
64630Uşak Province
64700KarahallıUşak Province3,51937.9 km²
64702KarahallıUşak Province5,451261.7 km²
64720KarbasanUşak Province
64800SivaslıUşak Province5,09091.1 km²
64802SivaslıUşak Province15,767415.2 km²
64810Uşak Province
64820SivaslıUşak Province
64830SivaslıUşak Province
64840SelçiklerUşak Province
64850Uşak Province
64900Ulubey, UşakUşak Province2,976149.9 km²
64902Ulubey, UşakUşak Province11,175667.4 km²
64910UşakUşak Province
64920UşakUşak Province
64930UşakUşak Province
64940OmurcaUşak Province

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Uşak Province Demographic Information

Population Density64.6 / km²
Male Population178,913 (49.7%)
Female Population180,951 (50.3%)
Median Age33.3
Male Median Age32.6
Female Median Age33.9
Businesses in Uşak Province13,138
Population (1975)129,884
Population (2000)286,444
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +177.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +25.6%

Uşak Province

Uşak (Turkish: Uşak ili ) is a province in western Turkey. Its adjacent provinces are Manisa to the west, Denizli to the south, Afyon to the east, and Kütahya to the north. The provincial capital is Uşak, and its traffic code is 64. The province cove..  ︎  Uşak Province Wikipedia Page