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Postal Code 82488, Ukraine - Map and Information

Primary CityMorshyn
Area Codes326032606
Local TimeThursday 8:09 PM
TimezoneEastern European Standard Time
Coordinates49.1453° / 23.9089°
Related Postal Codes824818248282484824858248682487

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/2/113:14 AM4.755.1 km10,000 mUkraineusgs.gov
9/22/7911:06 AM4.391.8 km33,000 mUkraineusgs.gov

Primary City

Morshyn (Ukrainian: Моршин, Polish: Morszyn-Zdrój) is a city in Ukraine's Lviv Oblast (region). Morshyn is designated as a city of oblast significance. Population: 6,037 (2013 est.).    Morshyn Wikipedia Page