TimezoneEastern European Time
Area182 km²
Population604,597 (More Details)
Male Population282,840 (46.8%)
Female Population321,759 (53.2%)
Median Age38.2
Postal Codes79000, 79002, 79003 (51 more)
Area Codes32, 322

54 Postal Codes in Lviv, Lviv Oblast

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
79000LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79002LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79003LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79005LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79006LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79007LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79008LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79010LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79011LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79012LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79013LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79014LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79016LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79017LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79018LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79019LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79020LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79021LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79022LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79023LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79024LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79025LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79026LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79031LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79032LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79034LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79035LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79037LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79038LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79039LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79040LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79041LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79044LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79049LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79052LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79053LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79054LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79057LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79058LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79059LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79060LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79066LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79067LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79068LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79069LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79070LvivLviv Oblast717,803
79071LvivLviv Oblast717,803
80373Lviv Oblast
80374Lviv Oblast
80375Lviv Oblast
80376Lviv Oblast
80378Lviv Oblast
80379Lviv Oblast
81600LvivLviv Oblast717,803

Lviv, Lviv Oblast Demographic Information

Population Density3,321 / km²
Male Population282,840 (46.8%)
Female Population321,759 (53.2%)
Median Age38.2
Male Median Age35.2
Female Median Age40.9
Businesses in Lviv, Lviv Oblast23,767
Population (1975)597,734
Population (2000)633,314
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +1.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -4.5%


Lviv (Ukrainian: Львів, L’viv, IPA: [lwiu̯]; Polish: Lwów, IPA: [lvuf]; Russian: Львов, Lvov, IPA: [lʲvof]; German: Lemberg, Latin: Leopolis, "the city of the lion"), the largest city in western Ukraine and the seventh largest city in the country ove..  ︎  Lviv Wikipedia Page