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Alford, Aberdeenshire

(pronounced /ˈɑːfərd/  Scots: Aaford or Awfort, Scottish Gaelic: Athfort) is a large village in Aberdeenshire, north-east Scotland, lying just south of the River Don. It lies within the Howe of Alford (also called the Vale of Alford) which occupies..
Detailed Information
Primary City:Alford, Aberdeenshire
Postal Code Extensions:AB33 8AA | AB33 8AB | AB33 8AD | AB33 8AE | AB33 8AF | AB33 8AG | AB33 8AH | AB33 8AJ | AB33 8AL | AB33 8AN | More
Associated Cities:Aboyne
Neighborhoods:Alford, Craigievar, Glenkindie, Keig, Kildrummy, Muir of Fowlis, Tough, Tullynessle
Timezone:British Summer Time
Local Time:Monday 1:19 PM
Lat & Lng:57.2320435007336° / -2.70712434075125°
Area Codes1339
Related Postal Codes:AB3AB30AB31AB32AB34AB35

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