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Ellon, Aberdeenshire

(Scottish Gaelic: Eilean) is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, approximately 16 miles (26 km) north of Aberdeen, lying on the River Ythan, which has one of the few undeveloped river estuaries on the eastern coast of Scotland. It is in the ancient ..
Detailed Information
Primary City:Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Postal Code Extensions:AB41 1AH | AB41 6AA | AB41 6AB | AB41 6AD | AB41 6AE | AB41 6AF | AB41 6AG | AB41 6AH | AB41 6AJ | AB41 6AL | More
Associated Cities:Inverurie |  Newburgh, Aberdeenshire  | More
Neighborhoods:Town Centre
Timezone:British Summer Time
Local Time:Sunday 6:50 AM
Lat & Lng:57.3571° / -2.2412°
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