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Macduff, Aberdeenshire

(Gaelic An Dùn) is a town in the Banff and Buchan area Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is situated on Banff Bay and faces the town of Banff across the estuary of the River Deveron. Macduff is a former burgh and is now the only place in the United Kingd..
Detailed Information
Area:2.2 km²
Median Age:41.6
Primary City:Macduff, Aberdeenshire
Postal Code Extensions:AB44 1AA | AB44 1GD | AB44 1LB | AB44 1LD | AB44 1LE | AB44 1LJ | AB44 1LL | AB44 1LN | AB44 1LP | AB44 1LQ | More
Associated Cities:Banff
Timezone:British Summer Time
Local Time:Thursday 3:01 AM
Lat & Lng:57.6685978087765° / -2.49311858767186°
Area Codes1261
Related Postal Codes:AB4AB41AB42AB43AB45AB5

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