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Postal Code L75 - United Kingdom

Area Codes151
Postal Code ExtensionsL75 1AA | L75 1AB | L75 1AD | L75 1AE | L75 1AH | L75 1AX | L75 1AY | L75 1AZ | L75 1BB | L75 1BL | More
Associated CitiesLiverpool | Metropolitan Borough of Sefton | More
Local TimeTuesday 12:47 PM
TimezoneBritish Summer Time
Coordinates53.452676957238914° / -2.9914929416070346°
Related Postal CodesL7L70L71L72L73L74

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/25/132:58 AM3.255.5 km8,000 m24km WNW of Blackpool, United Kingdomusgs.gov
4/28/093:22 AM3.779.5 km8,800 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov
11/30/072:05 PM3.368 km12,000 mWales, United Kingdomusgs.gov
2/14/0510:44 AM3.861 km4,900 mUnited Kingdomusgs.gov
2/28/049:08 PM3.467 km12,400 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov
10/28/028:42 PM3.152.8 km5,000 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov
10/24/021:24 AM3.854.1 km3,700 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov
10/22/026:53 PM3.355.5 km5,000 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov
10/22/025:28 AM3.556.2 km4,200 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov
10/21/024:42 AM4.351.4 km5,000 mEngland, United Kingdomusgs.gov

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