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Postal Code SL2 3TW - Burnham, Buckinghamshire

Primary CityBurnham, Buckinghamshire
Postal Code ExtensionsSL2 1AA | SL2 1AB | SL2 1AD | SL2 1AE | SL2 1AF | SL2 1AG | SL2 1AH | SL2 1AJ | SL2 1AL | SL2 1AN | More
Local TimeWednesday 1:03 PM
TimezoneGreenwich Mean Time
Coordinates51.546826° / -0.626732°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/26/197:42 PM3.343.8 km10,000 m3km SE of Dorking, United
9/9/9511:20 AM3.388 km10,000 mEngland, United
5/11/946:08 PM3.787 km10,000 mEngland, United
12/26/8612:50 PM3.461 km10,000 mEngland, United
12/2/859:40 AM3.343.3 km13,000 mEngland, United

Primary City

is a village and civil parish that lies north of the River Thames in the South Bucks District of Buckinghamshire, on the boundary with Berkshire, between the towns of Maidenhead and Slough. It is served by Burnham railway station in the west of Slo..  ︎  Burnham, Buckinghamshire Wikipedia Page