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TimezoneUnited Kingdom Time
Area111.8 km²
Population473,573 (More Details)
Male Population235,239 (49.7%)
Female Population238,335 (50.3%)
Median Age35.4
Postal DistrictsL9, L8, L75 (34 more)
Postal CodesL10 0AD, L10 0AE, L10 0AF (19,291 more)
Area Code151

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37 Postal Districts in Liverpool, England

Postal DistrictCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
L9LiverpoolEngland32,9308.5 km²
L8LiverpoolEngland31,7964.522 km²
L7LiverpoolEngland19,6403.436 km²
L69LiverpoolEngland1,6580.262 km²
L6LiverpoolEngland23,0403.646 km²
L5LiverpoolEngland12,7393.419 km²
L4LiverpoolEngland40,1446.3 km²
L36LiverpoolEngland38,60411 km²
L3529,86421.4 km²
L3413,53119.9 km²
L31MaghullEngland30,76330.5 km²
L3LiverpoolEngland16,4635.2 km²
L286,0501.714 km²
L27LiverpoolEngland6,4942.811 km²
L26LiverpoolEngland14,1447.7 km²
L25LiverpoolEngland33,20810.1 km²
L24LiverpoolEngland18,36718 km²
L2032,3869.4 km²
L2LiverpoolEngland5,4890.321 km²
L19LiverpoolEngland23,4656.8 km²
L18LiverpoolEngland29,0506.7 km²
L17LiverpoolEngland24,9005.9 km²
L16LiverpoolEngland14,5923.878 km²
L15LiverpoolEngland27,9254.313 km²
L14LiverpoolEngland27,0814.937 km²
L13LiverpoolEngland32,2715.2 km²
L12LiverpoolEngland30,67710.3 km²
L11LiverpoolEngland26,5206.2 km²
L10LiverpoolEngland14,1895.5 km²
L1LiverpoolEngland8,1341.522 km²

Liverpool, England Demographic Information

Population Density4,234 / km²
Male Population235,239 (49.7%)
Female Population238,335 (50.3%)
Median Age35.4
Male Median Age34.1
Female Median Age36.6
Businesses in Liverpool, England25,580
Population (1975)427,494
Population (2000)439,436
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +10.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +7.8%


Liverpool (/ˈlɪvərpuːl/) is a city in Merseyside, England. A borough from 1207 and a city from 1880, in 2014 the city local government district had a population of 470,537 and the Liverpool/Birkenhead metropolitan area had a population of 2,241,000. ..  ︎  Liverpool Wikipedia Page