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TimezoneUnited Kingdom Time
Postal DistrictsCF1, CF10, CF11 (210 more)
Postal Codes119,682
Area Codes1239, 1248, 1267 (47 more)
Businesses in Wales151,813

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213 Postal Districts in Wales

Postal DistrictCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
CF1016,8318.2 km²
CF11CardiffWales38,67413.5 km²
CF14CardiffWales82,14333.3 km²
CF1519,06934.3 km²
CF23CardiffWales51,71613.5 km²
CF24CardiffWales53,9828.7 km²
CF343,58239.8 km²
CF31BridgendWales45,49121.2 km²
CF3231,192124.6 km²
CF3315,24027.3 km²
CF34MaestegWales21,30745.8 km²
CF3516,87173.7 km²
CF36PorthcawlWales15,71614.4 km²
CF3738,38963.1 km²
CF3822,55117.7 km²
CF3929,07137.9 km²
CF4020,66521.8 km²
CF41PentreWales10,16112.8 km²
CF4213,88334.9 km²
CF4311,89420.3 km²
CF4439,531185.3 km²
CF4519,34423.5 km²
CF4614,49534.5 km²
CF47Merthyr TydfilWales20,9756.3 km²
CF4829,100149.5 km²
CF5CardiffWales68,13975.8 km²
CF61Llantwit MajorWales9,48825.5 km²
CF6242,09861.7 km²
CF63Barry, Vale of GlamorganWales22,0589 km²
CF6435,64927.8 km²
CF718,88998.2 km²
CF7226,58565.1 km²
CF8116,11925.7 km²
CF8220,08324.9 km²
CF8355,76670.5 km²
CH433,09872.4 km²
CH542,45856.4 km²
CH6Flint, FlintshireWales17,01227.3 km²
CH750,311219.1 km²
CH820,36098.4 km²
HR37,392243.2 km²
HR55,021143.2 km²
LD111,222520 km²
LD25,901310.3 km²
LD319,486764.8 km²
LD4Llanwrtyd WellsWales88290.7 km²
LD5Llanwrtyd WellsWales1,098159.1 km²
LD6RhayaderWales2,887215.4 km²
LD74,741211.8 km²
LD84,610165.4 km²
LL1138,61098.2 km²
LL1228,63657.2 km²
LL1335,573136.2 km²
LL1434,20089.7 km²
LL1510,407168.1 km²
LL1615,753283.9 km²
LL175,73852.4 km²
LL1839,63465 km²
LL19PrestatynWales19,41317.4 km²
LL20LlangollenWales7,933172.3 km²
LL216,320392.4 km²
LL2217,872198.2 km²
LL234,171373.8 km²
LL242,096276.9 km²
LL25Betws-y-CoedWales54066.1 km²
LL264,53079.9 km²
LL27TrefriwWales75834.9 km²
LL2813,16348.5 km²
LL2920,18424.5 km²
LL3021,49517.3 km²
LL319,33110.1 km²
LL326,50997.7 km²
LL33LlanfairfechanWales3,74049.2 km²
LL34PenmaenmawrWales4,33514.9 km²
LL35AberdyfiWales76111.9 km²
LL364,589168.6 km²
LL37LlwyngwrilWales53213.8 km²
LL38FairbourneWales6593.054 km²
LL3918216 km²
LL404,246254 km²
LL416,627215.9 km²
LL42BarmouthWales2,33326.1 km²
LL43Dyffryn ArdudwyWales54021.6 km²
LL44Dyffryn ArdudwyWales94117 km²
LL45LlanbedrWales68052.5 km²
LL46HarlechWales1,75625.9 km²
LL47HarlechWales55443.2 km²
LL48PenrhyndeudraethWales2,59445.5 km²
LL49PorthmadogWales4,24633.6 km²
LL51DolbenmaenWales83572.4 km²
LL522,61633.7 km²
LL5316,323321.3 km²
LL5411,242203.4 km²
LL5522,063212.3 km²
LL56Y FelinheliWales2,0845.6 km²
LL5727,392112.1 km²
LL583,64735.5 km²
LL59Menai BridgeWales5,62723.7 km²
LL60GaerwenWales2,74236.6 km²
LL61LlanfairpwllgwyngyllWales6,43166.7 km²
LL621,64547.1 km²
LL631,29635.6 km²
LL64RhosneigrWales9402.652 km²
LL65HolyheadWales22,976190.3 km²
LL66AmlwchWales58921.5 km²
LL67CemaesWales1,28116.4 km²
LL68AmlwchWales5,63155.7 km²
LL70Moelfre, AngleseyWales29410.4 km²
LL71Llannerch-y-meddWales1,80156.2 km²
LL72Moelfre, AngleseyWales7654.668 km²
LL74BenllechWales2,4485.4 km²
LL75PentraethWales1,55524.1 km²
LL77LlangefniWales6,78956.6 km²
NP1023,60649.4 km²
NP1137,36463.9 km²
NP1235,31440.6 km²
NP1320,14237 km²
NP158,910164.9 km²
NP1623,784153.4 km²
NP1817,18477.9 km²
NP19NewportWales51,88818.2 km²
NP20NewportWales51,13621.5 km²
NP2222,30945.4 km²
NP2332,88142 km²
NP24New TredegarWales5,0548.8 km²
NP25MonmouthWales15,468171.3 km²
NP2623,06279.3 km²
NP444,508109.7 km²
NP4447,75347.8 km²
NP726,371358.5 km²
NP85,604166.8 km²
SA1SwanseaWales47,41722.8 km²
SA1031,087109.4 km²
SA1136,483106.8 km²
SA1232,89742.8 km²
SA1319,011116.5 km²
SA1434,577105.5 km²
SA15LlanelliWales36,66478.5 km²
SA168,62144.4 km²
SA179,17099.2 km²
SA1830,491138.4 km²
SA199,489524.2 km²
SA2SwanseaWales40,04133.3 km²
SA203,853247.9 km²
SA325,094131.3 km²
SA3117,53029.4 km²
SA327,765309.6 km²
SA3313,006414.7 km²
SA344,766164.2 km²
SA3576941.2 km²
SA36CrymychWales4786.6 km²
SA371,26248.3 km²
SA384,39591.8 km²
SA39Llanfihangel-ar-ArthWales2,48781.3 km²
SA444,73193.8 km²
SA403,29474 km²
SA412,06194.3 km²
SA422,13153.8 km²
SA4312,640167.3 km²
SA4411,621274.1 km²
SA45New QuayWales1,36610.8 km²
SA462,62019.9 km²
SA47Llanarth, CeredigionWales1,26926.6 km²
SA489,310257.7 km²
SA5SwanseaWales37,78349.8 km²
SA635,01440.1 km²
SA61HaverfordwestWales14,98116.2 km²
SA6219,930534.6 km²
SA631,45764.1 km²
SA64GoodwickWales2,26132.5 km²
SA65FishguardWales4,53861.8 km²
SA663,385124.8 km²
SA677,071141.7 km²
SA684,18553.9 km²
SA69SaundersfootWales3,77912.5 km²
SA7SwanseaWales14,39419.1 km²
SA709,26264.5 km²
SA7110,404119.1 km²
SA72Pembroke DockWales9,83718.6 km²
SA7320,54858.8 km²
SA812,55654.6 km²
SA915,124136 km²
SY1017,149499.5 km²
SY155,551147.7 km²
SY1615,995218.8 km²
SY173,849178 km²
SY184,718244.5 km²
SY19LlanbrynmairWales1,106148.6 km²
SY206,909506.4 km²
SY2118,024523.2 km²
SY228,532210.1 km²
SY23AberystwythWales29,740540.7 km²
SY244,421102.3 km²
SY254,107394 km²
SY521,106464.1 km²

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