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The average area for zip codes in Uruguay is 1,439.2 km² with the largest being 45000 in Departamento de Tacuarembó at 14,850.8 km² and the smallest being 11000 in Departamento de Montevideo at 1.627 km². In Uruguay the average population for a postal code is 28,013 with the most populated being zip code 50000 in Departamento de Salto at 133,045. The average population density for a postal code in Uruguay is 1,120 / km² with the densest being zip code 11200 in Departamento de Montevideo at 18,121 / km². The median age for postal codes in Uruguay range from 27.1 years old for 60400 in Algorta, Departamento de Río Negro to 43.1 years old for 20500 in Departamento de Maldonado. The fastest growing postal code is 15100 in Departamento de Canelones with population growth of 65.3% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 3.4% per year.

TimezoneUruguay Time
Area17,615 km²
Population3.5 million
Population Density197.4 / km²
Postal Codes11000, 11100, 11200 (326 more)
Businesses in Uruguay63,893

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
11000 - 13000Montevideo Department27
15100 - 16404, 90000 - 91800Canelones Department65
20000 - 20500Maldonado Department14
27000 - 27400Rocha Department15
30000 - 30100Lavalleja Department11
30201 - 30203, 94000 - 96500Florida Department32
30302 - 35300Treinta y Tres Department10
36100 - 37101Cerro Largo Department11
40000 - 41200Rivera Department8
45000 - 45200Tacuarembó Department13
50000 - 50200Salto Department14
55000 - 55100Artigas Department10
60000 - 60300Paysandú Department15
60400 - 65100Río Negro Department6
70000 - 70800Colonia Department21
70700 - 75500Soriano Department15
80000 - 80500San José Department15
85000 - 85002Flores Department2
97000 - 98000Durazno Department10

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329 Postal Codes in Uruguay

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
11000Montevideo Department9,9441.627 km²
11100MontevideoMontevideo Department31,6511.997 km²
11200Montevideo Department79,6814.397 km²
11300Punta CarretasMontevideo Department105,6097.2 km²
11400Punta Gorda, MontevideoMontevideo Department117,41915.6 km²
11500Carrasco, MontevideoMontevideo Department28,99711.1 km²
11600BuceoMontevideo Department90,6008.9 km²
11700Montevideo Department59,4508.4 km²
11800ReductoMontevideo Department95,5129.5 km²
11900Montevideo Department79,48110.9 km²
12000Montevideo Department74,52010 km²
12100MaroñasMontevideo Department31,3984.269 km²
12200MontevideoMontevideo Department
12300Manga, MontevideoMontevideo Department114,49919.8 km²
12400Peñarol, MontevideoMontevideo Department36,72385 km²
12500Colón Centro y NoroesteMontevideo Department34,91576.8 km²
12600MontevideoMontevideo Department40,48855 km²
12700Montevideo Department
12800Pajas BlancasMontevideo Department90,26992.1 km²
12900ConciliaciónMontevideo Department98,47617.8 km²
13000MaroñasMontevideo Department132,46890 km²
14000Colonia NicolichCanelones Department
15000Paso de CarrascoCanelones Department63,74447.2 km²
15001ShangriláCanelones Department
15002San José Department
15005Ciudad de la CostaCanelones Department
15100Canelones Department26,61267.9 km²
15101Canelones Department
15102Canelones Department
15103Canelones Department
15104Canelones Department
15105Canelones Department
15200Estación AtlántidaCanelones Department15,30746.6 km²
15300Parque del PlataCanelones Department14,789124.3 km²
15400Canelones Department5,707230.7 km²
15500Joaquín Suárez (town)Canelones Department50,86284.8 km²
15600Canelones Department42,399410.1 km²
15700Canelones Department30,01245.8 km²
15800Canelones Department70,21654.2 km²
15900Progreso, UruguayCanelones Department125,940209.4 km²
16000Atlántida, UruguayCanelones Department
16001Villa ArgentinaCanelones Department
16002Las ToscasCanelones Department
16100Parque del PlataCanelones Department
16200La Floresta, UruguayCanelones Department
16202Costa AzulCanelones Department
16300Canelones Department
16301Costa AzulCanelones Department
16302Costa AzulCanelones Department
16305Canelones Department
16306Santa Lucía, UruguayCanelones Department
16400Cuchilla AltaCanelones Department
16401Montevideo Department
16404Jaureguiberry, UruguayCanelones Department
20000Maldonado Department121,9581,250.6 km²
20001La BarraMaldonado Department
20002ManantialesMaldonado Department
20004Sauce de PortezueloMaldonado Department
20005Maldonado, UruguayMaldonado Department
20100Punta del EsteMaldonado Department4,8236.1 km²
20200Maldonado Department13,872151.9 km²
20300Gerona, UruguayMaldonado Department10,250277.3 km²
20302SolísMaldonado Department
20303Playa VerdeMaldonado Department
20400Maldonado Department32,2551,957.7 km²
20401Garzón, UruguayMaldonado Department
20402Maldonado Department
20500Maldonado Department2,9401,405.9 km²
27000Rocha Department27,2142,662.5 km²
27001La Paloma, RochaRocha Department
27002Rocha Department
27003Montevideo Department
27004La PedreraRocha Department
27100Rocha Department12,7131,617.4 km²
27101Dieciocho de JulioRocha Department
27200Cabo PolonioRocha Department10,2061,568.5 km²
27201Rocha Department
27202Aguas DulcesRocha Department
27204Punta del DiabloRocha Department
27300Rocha Department12,5284,476.8 km²
27301San Luis al MedioRocha Department
27302CebollatíRocha Department
27303Velázquez, UruguayRocha Department
27400La PedreraRocha Department5,966201.7 km²
30000Lavalleja Department47,6366,613 km²
30001MariscalaLavalleja Department
30002PirarajáLavalleja Department
30007Lavalleja Department
30009Lavalleja Department
30020Lavalleja Department
30100Lavalleja Department3,256390.1 km²
30200Montevideo Department
30201Nico PérezFlorida Department
30202Florida Department
30203Florida Department
30204Cerro ChatoTreinta y Tres Department
30300Lavalleja Department5,8391,816.5 km²
30301ZapicánLavalleja Department
30302Treinta y Tres Department
31100Treinta y Tres Department4,7301,538.1 km²
33000Treinta y Tres Department39,4385,335.2 km²
33002Vergara, UruguayTreinta y Tres Department
33004Treinta y Tres Department
34100ZapicánLavalleja Department661596 km²
34200José Batlle y Ordóñez, UruguayLavalleja Department3,4191,047.3 km²
35100Treinta y Tres Department312814.2 km²
35200Treinta y Tres Department3,476680.7 km²
35300Santa Clara de OlimarTreinta y Tres Department3,0221,231.1 km²
36100TupambaéCerro Largo Department1,185861.7 km²
36200Cerro Largo Department4,3972,447.1 km²
37000Melo, UruguayCerro Largo Department63,0197,442.1 km²
37001Aceguá, UruguayCerro Largo Department
37002Isidoro NoblíaCerro Largo Department
37003Cerro Largo Department
37004Cerro Largo Department
37005Fraile MuertoCerro Largo Department
37006TupambaéCerro Largo Department
37007Santa Clara de OlimarTreinta y Tres Department
37100Cerro Largo Department18,2981,934.2 km²
37101Plácido RosasCerro Largo Department
40000Rivera Department100,9272,408.6 km²
40001TranquerasRivera Department
40002Minas de CorralesRivera Department
40003VichaderoRivera Department
40004LapuenteRivera Department
40100TranquerasRivera Department7,8811,684.7 km²
40200MasollerArtigas Department751607.4 km²
41100Rivera Department5,5751,870.7 km²
41200Rivera Department5,9633,397.2 km²
45000Tacuarembó Department77,77514,850.8 km²
45001Achar, UruguayTacuarembó Department
45002CurtinaTacuarembó Department
45003Tacuarembó Department
45004TamboresTacuarembó Department
45005Paso del CerroTacuarembó Department
45006AnsinaPaysandú Department
45011Montevideo Department
45017Tacuarembó Department
45019Las Toscas, TacuarembóTacuarembó Department
45020Tacuarembó Department
45021Tacuarembó Department
45100Tacuarembó Department15,3963,475.8 km²
45101Tacuarembó Department
45200Tacuarembó Department3,529800.1 km²
50000Salto Department133,04514,202.7 km²
50001Belén, UruguaySalto Department
50002Constitución, UruguaySalto Department
50003Termas del ArapeySalto Department
50008Salto Department
50009AlbisuSalto Department
50010Salto Department
50012Salto Department
50013BiassiniSalto Department
50018Salto Department
50029Salto Department
50032Salto Department
50100Constitución, UruguaySalto Department3,226493.7 km²
50200Salto Department2,261628 km²
55000Artigas Department53,8129,253.7 km²
55001Baltasar Brum, ArtigasArtigas Department
55002Tomás GomensoroArtigas Department
55003CuaróArtigas Department
55004Bernabé RiveraArtigas Department
55005Javier de VianaArtigas Department
55007Sequeira, UruguayArtigas Department
55008Campamento, UruguayArtigas Department
55100Artigas Department22,0632,277.9 km²
60000Paysandú Department102,9217,428.4 km²
60001Quebracho, UruguayPaysandú Department
60002Algorta, UruguayRío Negro Department
60003Piedras ColoradasPaysandú Department
60004Lorenzo GeyresPaysandú Department
60005Paysandú Department
60008GuichónPaysandú Department
60009MerinosPaysandú Department
60010Paysandú Department
60012Estación PorvenirPaysandú Department
60013Paysandú Department
60017El EucaliptusPaysandú Department
60100Paysandú Department7,4544,549.7 km²
60200Quebracho, UruguayPaysandú Department3,5861,218.7 km²
60300Paysandú Department1,284179.6 km²
60400Algorta, UruguayRío Negro Department77797.3 km²
61100Río Negro Department2,801368.8 km²
6500031,0631,311.5 km²
65001Río Negro Department
65002Nuevo BerlínRío Negro Department
65100Río Negro Department21,3615,097.1 km²
70000Colonia Department35,1291,153.7 km²
70001Juan LacazeColonia Department
70002Montevideo Department
70003Colonia Department
70004ConchillasColonia Department
70005Miguelete, UruguayColonia Department
70006El SemilleroColonia Department
70007Barker, UruguayColonia Department
70100Colonia Department20,455911 km²
70101Nueva PalmiraColonia Department
70102AgraciadaSoriano Department
70200Rosario, UruguayColonia Department12,653830.5 km²
70201Nueva HelveciaColonia Department
70202Colón Centro y NoroesteMontevideo Department
70203La Paz, ColoniaColonia Department
70204Colonia Department
70300Colonia Department13,983875.7 km²
70400Colonia ValdenseColonia Department4,03643.8 km²
70500Colonia Department13,579161.7 km²
70600Colonia Department8,002324.5 km²
70700AgraciadaSoriano Department11,293514.6 km²
70800Colonia Department6,4291,304.8 km²
75000Mercedes, UruguaySoriano Department46,6312,450.4 km²
75001PalmitasSoriano Department
75002EgañaSoriano Department
75003Risso, UruguaySoriano Department
75004Durazno Department
75005San José Department
75100Soriano Department22,9562,248.6 km²
75101Cañada NietoSoriano Department
75200Soriano Department11,6802,546 km²
75201Santa Catalina, UruguaySoriano Department
75202José Enrique Rodó, UruguaySoriano Department
75204Florencio Sánchez, UruguayColonia Department
75205Soriano Department
75300Santa Catalina, UruguaySoriano Department1,112161.8 km²
75400José Enrique Rodó, UruguaySoriano Department2,421395.9 km²
75500PalmitasSoriano Department2,539709.6 km²
80000San José Department46,7002,924.7 km²
80002Ecilda PaullierSan José Department
80003Colonia Department
80004Ituzaingó, UruguaySan José Department
80005Rafael PerazzaSan José Department
80006San José Department
80007San José Department
80100Libertad, UruguaySan José Department18,620585.1 km²
80101Delta del TigreSan José Department
80102Kiyú – OrdeigSan José Department
80200San José Department2,794371.1 km²
80300Ecilda PaullierSan José Department4,161323.8 km²
80400San José Department4,449270.9 km²
80500San José Department35,713150.8 km²
85000Flores Department25,8735,593.5 km²
85001Ismael CortinasColonia Department
85002Andresito, UruguayFlores Department
90000Canelones Department30,281347.3 km²
90001Cerrillos, UruguayCanelones Department
90002San Antonio, CanelonesCanelones Department
90100Cerrillos, UruguayCanelones Department7,707277.5 km²
90200Santa Lucía, UruguayCanelones Department22,997428.7 km²
90201Progreso, UruguayCanelones Department
90300Progreso, UruguayCanelones Department
90400JuanicóCanelones Department
90500Santa Rosa, UruguayCanelones Department
90600San Ramón, UruguayCanelones Department
90601Fray MarcosFlorida Department
90602ChamizoFlorida Department
90603Canelones Department
90604San BautistaCanelones Department
90700Santa Lucía, UruguayCanelones Department
90701Aguas CorrientesCanelones Department
90702Canelones Department
90800Sauce, UruguayCanelones Department
91000Pando, UruguayCanelones Department
91001Canelones Department
91002Empalme OlmosCanelones Department
91003Montes, UruguayCanelones Department
91004Estación MiguesCanelones Department
91005Estación MiguesCanelones Department
91006Dr. Francisco SocaCanelones Department
91007Canelones Department
91008Estación TapiaCanelones Department
91100San Ramón, UruguayCanelones Department8,388309.7 km²
91200San BautistaCanelones Department4,058198 km²
91300San Antonio, CanelonesCanelones Department3,535210.1 km²
91400Santa Rosa, UruguayCanelones Department5,421112.8 km²
91401Bolívar, UruguayCanelones Department
91500Sauce, UruguayCanelones Department12,297238.3 km²
91600Canelones Department7,557376.6 km²
91700MiguesCanelones Department6,036466.6 km²
91800Tala, UruguayCanelones Department8,106308 km²
94000Florida Department40,3193,327.2 km²
94001Sarandí GrandeFlorida Department
94002Veinticinco de AgostoFlorida Department
94003Mendoza, FloridaFlorida Department
94004La Cruz, FloridaFlorida Department
94005Veinticinco de Mayo, UruguayFlorida Department
94006Mendoza ChicoFlorida Department
94007Cardal, UruguayFlorida Department
94008Capilla del SauceFlorida Department
94009Florida Department
94010Florida Department
94011Florida Department
94012Florida Department
94100Florida Department8,1401,926.2 km²
94101Alejandro GallinalFlorida Department
94102Florida Department
95100Veinticinco de Mayo, UruguayFlorida Department2,394192.4 km²
95200Cardal, UruguayFlorida Department1,396107.8 km²
95300Florida Department56856.8 km²
95400Veinticinco de AgostoFlorida Department1,9246.4 km²
95500Mendoza, FloridaFlorida Department1,127162.6 km²
95600Mendoza ChicoFlorida Department994135.4 km²
96100ChamizoFlorida Department1,218218.6 km²
96200ChamizoFlorida Department3,542287.9 km²
96300Florida Department2,658439.3 km²
96400Florida Department424214.9 km²
96500Florida Department1,441811.9 km²
97000Durazno Department47,94510,588.8 km²
97002BlanquilloDurazno Department
97003Durazno Department
97004La Paloma, DuraznoDurazno Department
97005Durazno Department
97006Santa BernardinaDurazno Department
97007Durazno Department
97100Sarandí del YíDurazno Department
98000Sarandí del YíDurazno Department9,3274,038.6 km²


(/ˈjʊərəɡwaɪ/; Spanish: [uɾuˈɣwai]), officially the Eastern Republic of Uruguay (Spanish: República Oriental del Uruguay), is a country in the southeastern region of South America. It is bordered by Argentina to its west and Brazil to its north and..  ︎  Uruguay Wikipedia Page