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Postal Code 100025 - Tashkent

Primary CityTashkent
Area Codes71
Local TimeSaturday 9:05 AM
TimezoneUzbekistan Standard Time
Coordinates41.284079383333335° / 69.27165359166666°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/13/192:32 PM4.830.3 km10,000 m18km WSW of Saryaghash, Kazakhstanusgs.gov
1/22/185:26 PM4.526.8 km12,290 m15km WSW of Saryaghash, Kazakhstanusgs.gov
5/28/1612:10 PM4.698.4 km10,600 m20km SE of Shardara, Kazakhstanusgs.gov
1/13/167:24 PM48.7 km8,080 m10km NNE of Tashkent, Uzbekistanusgs.gov
1/8/163:02 PM4.338.7 km10,000 m16km NNW of Buka, Uzbekistanusgs.gov
3/13/156:43 AM4.552.8 km33,740 m9km W of Olmaliq, Uzbekistanusgs.gov
5/24/133:18 PM5.342.2 km19,200 m9km NNW of Buka, Uzbekistanusgs.gov
2/21/136:38 PM4.126 km12,800 m4km NW of Saryaghash, Kazakhstanusgs.gov
8/22/081:26 AM4.418.9 km10,000 meastern Uzbekistanusgs.gov
9/26/051:20 PM4.697.7 km35,000 mKazakhstan-Uzbekistan border regionusgs.gov

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Primary City

Tashkent (/ˌtæʃˈkɛnt/; Uzbek: Toshkent, Тошкент [tɒʃˈkent]; Russian: Ташкент, [tɐʂˈkʲɛnt]; literally "Stone City") is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. The officially registered population of the city in 2012 was about 2,309,300. to its po..  ︎  Tashkent Wikipedia Page