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Postal Code 120100 - Guliston, Sirdaryo Region

Primary CityGuliston
Area Codes67672
Local TimeThursday 8:59 PM
TimezoneUzbekistan Standard Time
Coordinates40.50064604999999° / 68.76978195°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/29/176:49 AM5.199.2 km14,130 m34km SSE of Jizzax,
2/2/1710:35 AM4.484.4 km14,830 m18km WSW of Zomin,
11/8/161:56 AM4.695.2 km12,900 m29km SW of Zomin,
5/28/1612:10 PM4.687 km10,600 m20km SE of Shardara,
1/8/163:02 PM4.359 km10,000 m16km NNW of Buka,
3/24/157:35 PM4.255.8 km24,250 m20km SW of Bekobod,
3/13/156:43 AM4.570.7 km33,740 m9km W of Olmaliq,
5/24/133:18 PM5.356.9 km19,200 m9km NNW of Buka,
5/17/128:00 AM4.156.6 km27,600
9/26/051:20 PM4.692.3 km35,000 mKazakhstan-Uzbekistan border

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Primary City

Guliston also spelled as Gulistan (Uzbek: Guliston / Гулистoн; Russian: Гулистан), formerly known as Mirzachul (Russian: Мирзачуль, until 1961), is the capital of Sirdaryo Region in eastern Uzbekistan. It lies in the southeastern part of the Mirzachü..  ︎  Guliston Wikipedia Page