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Postal Code 3102 - Trujillo, Trujillo

Primary CityTrujillo, Trujillo
Area Codes271272
Local TimeSaturday 9:04 AM
TimezoneVenezuela Time
Coordinates9.33333° / -70.58333°
Related Postal Codes310131033104310531063107

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Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in 3102
 Area Code 271: 68.4%
 Area Code 424: 21.1%
 Area Code 416: 5.3%
 Area Code 412: 5.3%


Business Distribution by Industry
 Food: 14.3%
 Shopping: 13.4%
 Hotels & Travel: 10.8%
 Restaurants: 10.8%
 Home Services: 7.8%
 Education: 7.4%
 Professional Services: 7.4%
 Automotive: 5.6%
 Religion: 5.2%
 Other: 17.3%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/28/187:00 AM4.69.1 km7,460 m7km NW of Valera, Venezuelausgs.gov
11/24/1812:41 PM5.29.7 km18,920 m7km W of Valera, Venezuelausgs.gov
10/26/164:31 PM4.275.6 km10,000 m15km SE of Biscucuy, Venezuelausgs.gov
8/17/163:37 PM4.279 km10,000 m20km NNW of Curbati, Venezuelausgs.gov
7/14/1611:42 PM4.110.1 km10,000 m7km ESE of Betijoque, Venezuelausgs.gov
6/6/1611:06 AM4.471.2 km10,000 m15km ESE of Mucuchies, Venezuelausgs.gov
2/15/165:14 AM4.523.8 km5,000 m7km E of Trujillo, Venezuelausgs.gov
1/4/166:59 AM4.537.2 km18,400 m4km SE of Santa Isabel, Venezuelausgs.gov
11/27/1311:51 AM4.158.1 km13,750 m11km SE of Torondoy, Venezuelausgs.gov
7/4/135:53 PM4.664 km4,900 m11km NE of Mucuchies, Venezuelausgs.gov

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 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 

Primary City

Trujillo is the capital city of Trujillo State in Venezuela. About 40,000 people live in this city. This city is shrouded in mystery and humility, is located in El Valle de Los Mukas. Surrounded by mountains known as the city of "peace and charm."  ︎  Trujillo, Trujillo Wikipedia Page


Percentage of businesses by city in 3102
 Valera: 83.3%
 Trujillo, Trujillo: 11.1%
 San Felipe, Yaracuy: 5.6%