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Postal Code 5129 - Mucurubá, Merida

Primary CityMucurubá
Local TimeSaturday 2:57 AM
TimezoneVenezuela Time
Coordinates8.71472° / -70.99306°
Related Postal Codes511151125114511551165124

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Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in 5129
 Area Code 274: 40%
 Area Code 416: 40%
 Area Code 426: 20%


Business Distribution by Industry
 Hotels & Travel: 40%
 Restaurants: 15.7%
 Food: 10%
 Religion: 5.7%
 Automotive: 4.3%
 Community & Government: 4.3%
 Shopping: 4.3%
 Other: 15.7%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/22/193:00 AM4.435.9 km33,290 m14km ENE of La Azulita, Venezuelausgs.gov
8/6/178:43 AM4.518.7 km32,250 m23km SSW of Torondoy, Venezuelausgs.gov
8/17/163:37 PM4.241.2 km10,000 m20km NNW of Curbati, Venezuelausgs.gov
6/6/1611:06 AM4.423.7 km10,000 m15km ESE of Mucuchies, Venezuelausgs.gov
4/25/167:23 PM4.440.9 km8,950 m8km NE of Lagunillas, Venezuelausgs.gov
4/7/164:55 PM4.335.3 km12,100 m14km E of La Azulita, Venezuelausgs.gov
12/9/151:49 AM4.445.3 km10,000 m11km SSE of La Azulita, Venezuelausgs.gov
12/4/1510:04 PM3.944.1 km10,000 m8km N of Lagunillas, Venezuelausgs.gov
11/23/1512:15 PM4.247.4 km10,000 m10km SSE of La Azulita, Venezuelausgs.gov
11/22/1512:38 PM5.148.3 km10,000 m0km N of Lagunillas, Venezuelausgs.gov

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 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 

Primary City

is a community in Mérida state, Venezuela, in the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental. It is 2,407 m above sea level, about 32 kilometers from the city of Mérida. It is a parish within the Rangel Municipality. The name is derived from the words "m..  ︎  Mucurubá Wikipedia Page