542 Postal Codes in Copenhagen

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area86.2 km²
Population1.2 million (More Details)
Male Population583,882 (48.7%)
Female Population614,687 (51.3%)
Median Age36.5
Postal Codes0917, 1000, 1001 (539 more)

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542 Postal Codes in Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
0917CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1000CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1001CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1050CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark26039,053 m²
1051CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark20755,643 m²
1052CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2566,563 m²
1053CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2672,434 m²
1054CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark4484,953 m²
1055CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark4935,449 m²
1056CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark70721,601 m²
1057CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark71411,275 m²
1058CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark19279,437 m²
1059CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2344,897 m²
1060CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark25656,804 m²
1061CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,0307,315 m²
1062CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2612,230 m²
1063CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5163,465 m²
1064CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark261984 m²
1065CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5202,823 m²
1066CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5204,411 m²
1067CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark26013,995 m²
1068CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark775577 m²
1069CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark7757,574 m²
1070CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2616,119 m²
1071CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,036949 m²
1072CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5142,374 m²
1073CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5141,365 m²
1074CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark52016,536 m²
1092CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1093CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1095CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1098CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1100CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5202,165 m²
1101CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2577,128 m²
1102CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,0227,173 m²
1103CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark50613,060 m²
1104CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2456,151 m²
1105CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5174,164 m²
1106CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark51712,192 m²
1107CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5023,457 m²
1110CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2574,015 m²
1111CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2572,896 m²
1112CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark28522,144 m²
1113CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,05515,950 m²
1114CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark25414,937 m²
1115CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2851,880 m²
1116CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5423,566 m²
1117CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5424,329 m²
1118CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5427,937 m²
1119CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark58810,327 m²
1120CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark7557,514 m²
1121CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark4622,756 m²
1122CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2852,847 m²
1123CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,3150.147 km²
1124CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark81910,481 m²
1125CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5602,849 m²
1126CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5883,811 m²
1127CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,1135,514 m²
1128CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5541,564 m²
1129CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5544,048 m²
1130CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5546,223 m²
1131CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2592,020 m²
1140CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1147CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1148CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1150CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark29426,616 m²
1151CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2536,284 m²
1152CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5473,774 m²
1153CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2532,684 m²
1154CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark7997,762 m²
1155CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5051,916 m²
1156CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark252821 m²
1157CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5055,619 m²
1158CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2523,417 m²
1159CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5479,175 m²
1160CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark50714,097 m²
1161CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2529,113 m²
1162CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1163CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark
1164CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark7579,034 m²
1165CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark29244,310 m²
1166CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark50410,113 m²
1167CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2522,420 m²
1168CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5045,990 m²
1169CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,0937,504 m²
1170CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark252922 m²
1171CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark85013,420 m²
1172CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,0899,179 m²
1173CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2955,076 m²
1174CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5868,209 m²
1175CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2956,538 m²
1200CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,0308,258 m²
1201CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark1,01713,972 m²
1202CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark76410,414 m²
1203CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5094,175 m²
1204CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5095,408 m²
1205CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2554,123 m²
1206CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark2551,087 m²
1207CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5085,665 m²
1208CopenhagenCapital Region of Denmark5095,025 m²
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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark Demographic Information

Population1.2 million
Population Density13,904 / km²
Male Population583,882 (48.7%)
Female Population614,687 (51.3%)
Median Age36.5
Male Median Age35.8
Female Median Age37.2
Businesses in Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark80,219
Population (1975)795,058
Population (2000)1,012,092
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +50.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +18.4%


Copenhagen (IPA /ˌkoʊpənˈheɪɡən/; Danish: København [kʰøb̥m̩ˈhɑʊ̯ˀn] ( listen); also known by other alternative names) is the capital and most populated city of Denmark with an urban population of 1,263,698 (as of 1 January 2015) and a metropolitan p..  ︎  Copenhagen Wikipedia Page